Power Desired: An Excerpt

An Excerpt from, Power Desired:

I’ve been promising an excerpt from my book for awhile now. On Friday, during my cover reveal event I shared a small one on Facebook. I thought I would share it here as well. I hope you enjoy.

The cab pulled up in front of the posh restaurant at exactly 7:30. Darci spied Bradley walking in. She smiled at the sight of him as she climbed out of the cab and handed the driver some cash. “Keep the change,” she said as she rushed to catch up with him. He was checking in with the hostess when she entered the lobby. He was nicely dressed in a navy-blue suit that looked tailor made to fit him. She moved up behind him as the hostess walked away and jokingly said, “I know you wanted to see me but this is a little early for a business meeting don’t you think?” He froze for a moment and then slowly turned around.

“Darci?” The look on his face was one of pure confusion. Why does he look surprised to see me? Did I read the e-mail wrong? Darci tried to quell her internal panic.

“I got your assistant’s e-mail. It said you wanted to see me here at 7:30.” He groaned.

“I did want to see you but not here.” Darci quirked an eyebrow upward. “Not that I mind seeing you here,” he added quickly. He seemed flustered, adding to Darci’s inner panic and confusion. He pulled his cell phone from his pants pocket and appeared to be looking for something. Running a hand over his face, he let out the breath he had been holding. “My secretary got my instructions mixed up. Looks like I’m having a business meeting with Peggy and a break-up breakfast with you Miss Sanders.” He cringed as soon as the words were out of his mouth. “That came out all wrong.”

The book comes out on May 22! I’ll be sharing several longer excerpts as the launch gets closer so I hope you keep coming back.

Also, I’m working on a new website. The domain will be the same but it’s going to have a cleaner look and be more than just a blog. That will launch in a week or so.

Make sure you head over to Facebook and click “Going” on the Power Desired: Launch Party event. Everyone who registers as going will be entered for a chance to win a free copy of my debut novel!


That was hard: Thoughts on putting yourself out there.

I released the cover of my novel today. I’ll make another post about that in just a few minutes. I wanted to talk about something unexpected that happened as I clicked that post button on Facebook to show my world (all thirty people in it) the cover I worked really hard on.

I got nauseous. It was hard. I thought that was weird. I wasn’t expecting to feel fear as I watched my hard work go out into the world. I’ve been on stage, I’ve sang drunk karaoke, I’ve been to weird parties where people have seen my boobs (don’t ask). So why was this so difficult?

I’ve spent over a year with this story and a lot of that year was spent doubting myself.

I almost gave up and started writing something completely different. Even yesterday as I was preparing my social media blasts to show off my cover, I was doubting it. Should I change the color of my name? Does the title just completely suck? What if I push the cover and then the book just completely fails?

These are all questions that artists ask themselves no matter what their art. My husband is a photographer and a damn good one but he goes through the same things. He’s had a few more years than I have doing this whole artist thing so he’s a little more self confident than I am but the doubt still creeps in from time to time.

The thing is, now that it’s out there I feel a little better. The nerves have settled and now I can go back to putting the finishing touches on the story and I’ll have to go through it all again as I hit publish on Amazon and make it available to the public to purchase.

I have been surrounded by artists for years and I like to think I do what I can to support them. I have friends who write music, draw, paint, are models, sing, perform plays, and so much more. I have always admired the way they seem to be able to put themselves out there but I have a feeling they struggle with the same things I do. To them I say, bravo!

To the friends, family, and fans of these people I say make sure you tell the artist in your life how awesome they are. Share their posts, buy their art, attend their shows, read their books, support them on Patreon. Art of all varieties is so important and it’s not easy to put the thing you’ve created out there.

9 Steps To Editing Your Novel

This is similar to how I operate when editing. The only difference is I can’t take that long of a break between edits. I let it rest for two or three days at most.

Rachel Poli

One question I tend to ask myself when editing my novels is:

Where do I start?

I make a list of notes to edit as I write. Sometimes I’ll write a scene and make a note whether it’s really needed or not. Sometimes I make notes about the characters or the pacing of the story.

Yet, even though I have that list, I begin editing and I find myself just reading. I’m reading like a reader, not editing like an editor.

But first drafts are always terrible, right? So there’s a lot to go through, a lot to think about, a lot to change. It takes a long time and a lot of extra drafts and trees.

So, I’ve decided, in an attempt to get myself a little more organized with my own editing, I’d come up with a process for it. Maybe this will work, maybe it won’t. But…

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I’m on Patreon

I decided to launch a Patreon account. The hope is to earn enough monthly support to be able to pay for advertising for my novels.

Please feel free to check it out!

There are various levels of support and some of them get you signed copies of books. There’s even a tier where you can be a character in one of my books! If you choose that level, I’ll spend time chatting with you and we’ll develop the character together.

Other tiers get you sneak peeks at works in progress, advanced copies of new releases, and monthly chats with me.

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Power Desired: Cover Reveal

I’m excited to announce that I’m revealing the cover of my debut novel on May 12th!

Power Desired: Cover Reveal Party on Facebook!

Click Here to join the event. 

Here’s a little tease…

I know, it’s not much but come back tomorrow to see the whole thing!

Power Desired: Cover Reveal
A sneak peek at my cover design for Power Desired

Power Desired: My Debut Novel

After a year of writing, I’m finally ready to talk about my first book. It will be available for purchase later this month and Friday I’ll be revealing the cover.

The book is, ‘Power Desired’, and it’s the first in a new series called DC Power Games. These books will introduce you to powerful people in Washington DC. These people aren’t just playing power games on capitol hill though, they enjoy power play in the bedroom.

We start with Darci Sanders, a sexy red head who works for a lobby determined to defeat sexual discrimination in the U.S. Her current enemy is Senator Sean Atleigh. The man is determined to stifle all forms of sexual expression that aren’t between a married man and woman. Life gets complicated when she runs into his chief of staff, Bradley Givens.

The attraction between them is instant but their lives and goals couldn’t be more different. Bradley wants to send his boss to the White House and Darci wants nothing more than to see him fail.

What happens when they realize they share similar desires outside of the office? Will their struggle for power in Washington destroy their chances to act on their desire to play power games in the bedroom?

When someone begins murdering submissive women from the local BDSM community, Bradley and Darci are forced together in unexpected ways.

Over the next few days, I’ll be introducing you to the main characters as we lead up to next weeks release of:

Power Desired.

Books 2 and 3 in DC Power Games will be out later this year.